Saturday 24th February
Golf Course Open. Temporary greens in play due to frost, No buggies.

Course Information

Saturday 24th February

Golf Course Open. Temporary greens in play due to frost, No buggies.

What's on today

Ladies Yellow Peril : 08:00 - 14:00

18th Birthday Party - Rudge : 19:00 - 23:59


Match Rules

Matches to be played on the dates and at the times stated on the competition start or entry sheets and in accordance with the Rules of Golf and Local Rules.

In the event of a dispute: –

• If the match has an appointed referee, his ruling shall be final (Rule 34-2)

• If there is no referee Rule 2-5 will apply

Unless otherwise stated for a particular competition, all matches to be played off the ‘White Tees’ for men and ‘Red Tees’ for ladies.

The above rules are to be read in conjunction with the rules governing specific competitions (i.e. Godde, Thistle, Winter League etc.). In the event of a conflict the specific competition rules will apply.

Competition Entries

Competition start or entry sheets will normally be available in the Pro Shop 3 weeks before the date of the competition.

Competition entry fees MUST be paid prior to a member playing in the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Members may amend/cancel bookings, without penalty, up to TWO DAYS BEFORE a competition.

Members who cancel their booking ON THE DAY PRIOR TO OR ON THE DAY of the competition will still be required to pay the competition entry fee.

Members who cancel their booking on the day of the competition without a valid reason for not playing, or do not turn up on the day, will be required to pay the entry fee and will also receive a letter reminding them that a second such breach during the season will result in them being banned from all one-day club competitions for 28 days.

The Handicaps & Competitions Sub-Committee will decide whether a reason is valid. Being unaware that their name has been entered for a competition will not constitute a valid reason.


Players failing to sign their cards, signing for an incorrect handicap or a lower than actual score, will be disqualified.

Completed scorecards must be returned to the Handicaps & Competitions Sub-Committee as soon as possible via the collection box.

For all qualifying competitions players are requested to enter their scores into the computer.

Presentation of Prizes

For official competitions where prizes are awarded on the day, Lutterworth Golf Club members winning prizes are expected to attend the presentation or arrange for the prize to be collected on their behalf.

Qualifying Competitions & Handicaps

The Handicaps & Competitions Sub-Committee will determine whether a competition will be a Qualifying competition prior to the start of play. They may change the status of a competition at any time prior to the start of play, dependent on the state of the course.

The Handicaps & Competitions Sub-Committee will update handicaps for qualifying competitions, supplementary scores and away results as soon as reasonably practical.

Where a player is sure that a result from a competition not yet assessed for handicap purposes will change his handicap then he should adjust his handicap accordingly. In the case of uncertainty his published handicap should be used.

Suspension of Play During Competitions

A player has the right to stop play if he believes there is danger from lightning. Rule 6-8a applies.

The Committee may decide to suspend play due to lightning or other adverse weather conditions as follows: –

  1. Suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by ONE LONG klaxon blast. If the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately. Failure to comply could result in disqualification. Rule 6-8b.
  2. Suspension for other reasons THREE consecutive klaxon blasts, repeated.
  3. Resumption of play will be signalled by TWO SHORT klaxon blasts, repeated.

In the event that a competition is suspended it may be resumed at a later time if, in the opinion of the Committee, there is time for all players to complete their round. If however the competition cannot be resumed at a later time then the following will apply:

Notwithstanding the above, the Handicaps & Competitions Sub-Committee and/or the professional will use their best judgement and take the action that is most appropriate in the prevailing circumstances.

Competitions and Handicaps Sub-Committee 22/03/10